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The Diary of Anne Frank

Characters in the Play

Characters in the Play
Act One Scene Summaries
Act Two Scene Summaries
Character Outcomes
Interesting Facts
The Layout of the Annex
Pictures of the Characters

Characters play a very important role in this play. Their dispositions and attitudes vary greatly in each person, but each is a vital part in making this play.
There were actually more than two co-workers that helped, but their characters have been summed up in the two mentioned.

Mr. Otto Frank: Pim, as he is often referred to by Anne, is an older Jewish man who ran a spice shop before being forced out of business by the Nazis. He and his family went into hiding in an attic-like room above the store.
Mrs. Edith Frank: The mother of Anne and Margot, and the husband to Otto, Edith is an older Jewish woman who brings love and support to the children while they live in the Annex.
Anne Frank: A young Jewish teen who is forced into hiding with her family. She recieved a diary for her 13th birthday from her father and recorded her thoughts and feelings in it. The diary was later found and published.
Margot Frank: Margot is the "perfect" child. She doesn't complain or argue. She has a close relationship with her mother. She respects everyone in the Annex and many enjoy her quiet nature.
Mr. Van Daan: He helped Mr. Frank when he first arrived in Holland. Mr. Frank found it necessary to help him and he invited the Van Daan family-which consists of three people-to go into hiding with them. He tends to be a greedy person.
Mrs. Van Daan: Mrs. Van Daan cares about her material possesions, especially the fur coat her father gave her. She is the mother to Peter.
Peter Van Daan: A young man, Peter is sent into hiding with his family. He brings his cat, Mouschi. Although he seems anti-social at times, he starts to open up towards the end of the play.
Miep: One of Mr. Frank's former co-workers who helps the people of the Annex by bringing food and news. She often brings hope and good tidings.
Mr. Kraler: Another one of Mr. Frank's co-workers who helps the families during their stay. Unfortunately the stress of the war causes him to seek medical help.
Mr. Dussel: Mr. Dussel is a former dentist who was also forced into hiding because he was a Jew. He goes to live in the Annex and is often bothered by Anne.

Julia Platt-December 2004