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The Diary of Anne Frank

Act One Scene Summaries

Characters in the Play
Act One Scene Summaries
Act Two Scene Summaries
Character Outcomes
Interesting Facts
The Layout of the Annex
Pictures of the Characters

The following summaries are from the play "The Diary of Anne Frank". It is based upon the book Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. It was dramatized by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. 
Act One Summaries:

Act One, Scene One: After the war, Mr. Frank arrives to his former place of hiding. Miep gives him some of Anne's writings. It takes him back to the time of the war.
Act One, Scene Two: July 1942. The Van Daans are introduced to the play. They are in the Annex. Mr. Kraler and Miep explain the ration books to the hostages. They tell them about the scenario and when to keep quiet. Anne recieves her diary. Her father points out the good things to her, such as not having to practice the piano.
Act One, Scene Three: Two months later,a round 6:00 PM. Anne is very excitable. Peter calls Anne by her nickname- Mrs. Quack Quack after she tries on his clothes. Peter's father gets on to him for not doing well in school. Mrs. Van Daan flirts with Mr. Frank. Mr. Dussel is introduced to us. Living arrangements are changed. Anne and Mr. Dussel don't get along very well.
Act One, Scene Four: Several months later, in the middle of the night. Anne has an awful nightmare. Anne doesn't want her mothers love, she wants her father. She wants to have the good Anne on the outside and the bad Anne on the inside.
Act One, Scene Five: First night of Hannukah. Anne gives all of the hideaways presents. Anne wants to sing the song, but they are afraid she will be to loud. Peter is clumsy and they hear a noise downstairs. Anne faints at the thought of being caught. They are afraid someone knows where they are. They close the scene with the Hannukah song.

Julia Platt-December 2004