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The Diary of Anne Frank

Act Two Scene Summaries

Characters in the Play
Act One Scene Summaries
Act Two Scene Summaries
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The following summaries are from the play "The Diary of Anne Frank". It is based upon the book Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. It was dramatized by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. 
Act Two Summaries:

Act Two, Scene One: Another new year-1944. Miep brings the family a cake for the celebration. Mr. Van Daan acts greedily. Mr. Frank continues to be the"head" of the house. Margot goes off, complaining that when they think about the outside world, they are miserable. Peter and Anne have a real conversation for the first time. Mr. Kraler is getting sick with worry.
Act Two, Scene Two: Anne is more aware of the way she looks because she is seeing Peter more. Margot is okay with Anne and Peter's relationship.However, a concerned Mrs. Frank is looking out for her daughter. Mrs. Van Daan is suspicious with the way the two are behaving towards each other. After a kiss on the cheek from Peter, Anne is in a daze.   
Act Two, Scene Three: Mrs. Frank catches Mr. Van Daan stealing food and is furious. She is warning that she will throw him out. She offers Peter to stay in the house, but he loyally states that if his father goes, he goes. However, they are interrupted by the news that an invasion has begun!
Act Two, Scene Four: A suspicious phone calls makes the hostages nervous. Some want to answer it, but Mr. Frank overrules. Mr. Van Daan blames Mrs. Van Daan for the prediciment that they are in, saying that they could have escaped. They nervously wait to see what will happen, then they are found by the green police. 
Act Two, Scene Five: After the war. Mr. Frank is back in the Annex. He stated that she was so much braver then he ever was. He was reading her diary and drinking coffee while they used the diary as a flashback.

Julia Platt-December 2004